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Anonymous asked:

What does someone needs to do to meet Avenged Sevenfold? Get cancer? fucking lucky cancer people.


Ai yai yai!


I don’t know how to address this without offending you because you really have to be inconsiderate, uneducated, or just plain dumb to say something that stupid.

You don’t want cancer. What you need to do is to get your little soul checked, and you need some education, but cancer? No! You don’t want that! 

Lucky cancer people? Do you know how hard it is to be ill? The pain, the treatments, the uncertainty, to watch the world pass you by confined to a bed. The lack of energy… You can’t eat because everything you eat tastes like crap… You can’t sleep, the debt, the worries, your physical appearance…. You call that lucky? Most won’t get to grown old, get married, have kids, have life in their lungs… you envy that?

To answer your question, what do you need to do to meet Avenged Sevenfold? Well, why don’t you start by throwing that sense of entitlement out the window and become better person. How is that for a start?  Maybe if you are more considerate and human, life would grant you beautiful things. But while you remain an asshole, I am sorry, you will continue to collect shit! ~Lorelei

It seriously sickens me to see someone so selfish.. I applaud Lorelei for her ability to not go batshit insane on people.

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